I can’t believe this episode of Adventure Time, and I mean that in the best way. Can we please take a moment to appreciate the fact that this CHILDREN’S show, (which airs at Seven PM Eastern Standard Time in the US) shown on a network that is entirely and undoubtedly produced for CHILDREN, just did an entire episode filled with subtext about an actual SERIOUS issue? 

Adventure Time just addressed the fact that at some point in your life, you might be faced with sexual assault, coercion, or even, as shown in the last two gifs, emotional manipulation and or abuse. And what did Adventure Time, this children’s show, have to say about it?


Adventure Time just told its audiences: “If some big galoot is trying to have his way with you, fight back. Don’t be afraid to show him that you are strong.” And most importantly? “Be prepared for this to happen, be ready to defend yourself.” 

Last time I checked in with kids cartoons they were spouting crap like “Share with your friends”, “Help your parents clean up the house!” and, my personal favorite, “Treat others as you’d like to be treated! (Unless this is a show about sexy teen girls, in which case, be super judgmental and treat everyone around you like shit because that’s what “cool” characters do in shows, even if they’re made out to be bad guys.)”  But not Adventure Time, they were like “What do children need to know that is absolutely essential?” “Well, we could tell them to defend themselves if someone is forcing themselves upon them…” “Hey, yeah, sexual assault is a serious problem. Let’s do that.”  I MEAN HOW  MUCH MORE FUCKING AWESOME CAN THIS SHOW GET? 

/end enthusiastic rant/ 

I have never seen this show, but this makes me love it.

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    They have taken note. They have the courage to express their abuse they once felt scared of revealing for so long. They...
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    Psyguy victims should actually take notes on this.
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